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What are your regular office hours?
Our regular clinic hours are 9AM - 12 PM and 1 PM - 4 PM, Monday through Friday

What is your appointment policy?
Dr. Jain works by appointment. Unfortunately, occasionally patient appointments do require longer time frames than scheduled. When this happens, your patience is appreciated. A sincere attempt is made to adhere to the clinic schedule as much as possible.

Do I need to bring anything special to my first visit?
It will be helpful if you bring to all your visits your current insurance card, photo ID, and any medications you are taking. Also, any forms or test results that you have been provided, such as x-rays. If your insurance has a co-pay for an office visit, you will be responsible to pay at the time of your visit. A helpful form may be found under the 'patient forms' section in the Patient Info. tab.

What can I expect at the first appointment?
Our registration staff will ask you to fill out a health history form unless you have downloaded and filled out one from the website. These questions are the initial part of the examination and provide us with essential information about you and your medical history. Your address, e-mail and phone number are very important in case we need to get in touch with you. Information concerning your occupation, age, etc., is likewise important because it may have a bearing on your current health status. Additionally, this information is required by insurance networks to insure payment reimbursement. We also ask about language, hearing or vision barriers to allow us to appropriately communicate with you. All information given to us is confidential.
When it is time to be seen by the physician, the nurse will escort you into an exam room and make you comfortable and complete vital signs. Please remember to bring in a list of all current medications you are taking or the medication bottles themselves, including over-the-counter medicine. The physician will complete physical exam to check for the problem, advice any procedure needed, give medication list and plan of care. After the visit is complete, the registration/scheduler will make a return appointment, if necessary and provide you with a copy of your visit summary which will include your treatment plan and updated medication list.

What should I do if I miss my appointment?
We ask that you call our office during regular office hours and explain that you have missed your appointment and discuss rescheduling the appointment. Please keep in mind that this will appear as a No Show appointment unless notification occurs within 2 hours prior to your appointment.

Are Sleep Studies and Lung function tests done in the office?
Sleep studies are not done at our office but as an out patient in the hospital or a facility that your insurance allows. Pulmonary Function test are done in our office by a Respiratory Therapist.

What should I do if the office is closed?
We provide our patients with 24 hour / 7 day coverage. There is always a physician on-call who can be reached through our main clinic numbers. If you feel your condition is truly a critical emergency, please call 911. One of our physicians is available for emergencies at all times. After office hours and on weekends, our telephone is answered by our answering service, which in turn relays the message promptly to the physician on call for emergencies.

Why do I need a referral from my primary care physician to see a specialist?
If you are insured by an HMO or in some cases a PPO, your health plan will probably require a referral for specialist care. Your primary care physician is your central contact for all medical concerns as this allows for continuity of care for members and allows a central location for medical records. Referrals are typically processed within 14 days, except in urgent situations, and you will be notified by mail when the referral has been processed.

I received a bill and have questions about it. Who can I call for assistance?
Our billing department is ready to help you. For your convenience, please contact our billing department by telephone at (954) 748 1316

We, at Dr. Jain's office strive to deliver the best service to all our patients. In our effort to do so, we offer multiple online guidelines to make your visit smooth.

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